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     ELECTRIC SAFETY for you and everyone around you! Iím posting this Q & A to answer many common questions. Please donít think I'm ignoring you or that your interest in a conversion is not important to me.

    I am presently receiving around 50 emails and 20 phone calls a day, leaving me less time for conversions.

    Thanks for understanding!


    1) What range can I expect to get?

    Answer: If you need to go more than 50 to 60 miles at highway speeds, an EV is not for you.

    2) Can I get more than 50 to 60 miles?

    Answer: Yes, if you want to spend 15 to 18 thousand dollars for an exotic battery pack like lithium ion packs.

    3) How fast will an EV go?

    Answer: They can go as fast as 70 to 75 MPH. Some will be faster -- some slower.

    4) Do high speeds affect range?

    Answer: YES. The faster you go with a gas-powered vehicle, you more gas you use. Itís the same with a battery-powered vehicle.

    5) What is the best vehicle to convert?

    Answer: One that can carry all the battery weight, has enough room for batteries to give good range. One that will be safe enough as not to be affected by such weight. One that already has good braking, steering, and strong suspension.

    6) As a builder, what do you recommend?

    Answer: A small pickup truck, because they are a full frame vehicle, are built as a Ĺ ton truck, have the room for batteries, and will not be overly affected by the weight. Keep in mind, my specialty has become the small pickup trucks and I believe that it's the easiest way to get a low cost reliable conversion that can be driven daily. It is converted with proven parts and requires minimal maintenance. The finished vehicle can be serviced by almost anyone with basic mechanical or electrical ability.

    7) I want to convert my Corvette or my Mustang, can I?

    Answer: Yes you can, it's your money.

    8) How can I select a good donor vehicle?

    Answer: People ask me this all the time. I have gotten away from guiding them. I tell them whatever makes you happy. It seems that if I tell them what is best, they just want to argue the point.

    9) Do you sell kits?

    Answer: NO, but I will sell components and parts.

    10) Can I use an automatic transmission?

    Answer: Yes, but they are not usually necessary and could add cost to the conversion. Typical electric vechicles with a manual transmission usually only use one forward gear anyway.

    11) Will the charger be mounted on the vehicle?

    Answer: Yes. In almost all cases the charger will go where the vehicle goes, unless Iím told otherwise in the conversion build.

    12) How long will batteries last?

    Answer: Lead acid batteries usually last about 4 to 6 years, depending on how they are treated and used.

    13) Does cold weather affect battery range and life?

    Answer: Yes. Sometimes as much as 10% to 25%, depending on coldness of the area (and of the batteries).

    14) Can I have AC and heat?

    Answer: Yes. You can have AC and heat, depending on how much room I have to work with. AC is expensive. Installing heat depends on the vehicle.

    15) Will a conversion compromise OEM & DOT safety regs?

    Answer: No

    16) Do I get any government subsidy, tax rebate, or reduction for conversion?

    Answer: Each State is different. Check you tax codes. In most cases, yes!