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Our company has converted just about anything that uses a gas (or diesel) engine to full battery electric power.
Here we are converting an aircraft tug.
Now we are converting airport equipment, service vehicles, push back tractors, belt loaders, cargo handlers, tow tractors, and baggage tugs.
Often, we can remove your old tired gas or diesel engine, then install a full battery powered system for less than an engine rebuild.
Service on electrics is minimal. There is no oil, fuel, radiators, antifreeze, fuel filters, water separators, ECM computer problems, or even belts in most cases, Eliminate hoses, engine oil leaks, and cold (or hot) weather problems.
After the conversion there are NO emissions at all. No idling - no smoke - no fumes! There are federal tax incentives up to 70% of the conversion costs (depending on the weight of the vehicle). There may also be state and local tax incentives. Our conversions are classified as a "retro fit". We can supply any type voltage system to handle any work load.
Our system uses very powerful DC motors and controllers. voltages are usually designed from 72 volts to 250 volts (depending on what work load). Motors can be paired to meet any HP and torque requirement. Either lead (acid) or Lithium Ion phosphate batteries can be used. We have a wide range of motors and controllers for every use, rather than just one system for everything. DC is usually selected over AC because of its simplicity, lower cost, and longer life. Motors in most cases will last over 15 years with proper use.
Please call us at 316-617-5438 to discuss your needs and related expenses. Find out why we can do it better, less expensively, with greater satisfaction than anyone else.